25 Sep

Gavin – Stuntman

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I wanted to take some pictures of Gavin in the outfit he’s wearing today. Unfortunately that required some persuasion on my part. Here they are…

2 Sep

Labor Day Weekend at Lake Gaston

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We spent the past three days having a wonderful time at Stan and Amy’s place out by Lake Gaston. Here’s a quick selection of pictures from our stay…

30 Sep

Where is that trip report?

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We had a… mixed time on our trip. Internet access was spotty and we were with family so there weren’t any more updates during it. There were, um, other reasons as well (See the stats. Kaycee is okay now). Here are some stats for the trip. Pictures and more details will follow when we’re settled back in!

Wisconsin Trip 2007 Stats

Family Members Visited: 13
Miles Driven: 2,800 total
Time Zones Crossed: 1
Places Visited: 5 (In order – Whitewater WI, Onalaska/La Crosse WI, Blaine/Minneapolis MN, Prairie du Chien WI, Platteville WI)
Pounds Gained (Gavin): 2.9 lbs – from 11.5 to 14.4 in three weeks!
Body Parts Left in Platteville WI: 2 (Kaycee had an emergency appendectomy and partial omentectomy. She’s okay!)
Recovery Time Needed: We’re still working on this but it’s going well.
Goat Attacks: 1 (Kaitrinn was bitten on the finger by a baby goat. She’s okay!)
Apples Picked: 7 lbs at the Shihata’s Orchard
Playgrounds Visited: 5
Zoos Visited: 2
Gourmet Popcorn Purchased: Tons of Ranch Cheese and Caramel popcorn from Rural Route 1.
Pictures Taken: HUNDREDS!

8 Sep

Family Trip to Wisconsin (and environs) – ON OUR WAY!

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We’ve taken a pit-stop in scenic Lafayette, Indiana on our way to Whitewater, Wisconsin… our first stop in a two week whirlwind tour that’ll take us to family and friends in the area.

Our trip started at 3:00 this morning. Yes… that’s three. We accepted this because the kids would sleep for a good long while at the beginning of the trip. This was our first big road trip with Gavin, and we weren’t sure how it would go.

I’m delighted to say that everyone was great!

Gavin was no trouble at all. Aside from talking a little bit and letting us know when he was hungry, he either sat quietly looking around or slept.

Shealyn was also great. She watched “Fonsters Inc.”, ate her breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and decided to forego fighting with her sister for a day. She did try to engage Kaycee in conversation while Kayc was driving through a horrendous rainstorm in Indiana, but hey… she’s three years old and very social.

Kaitrinn was amazing. I crushed her at checkers at a Cracker Barrel in West Virginia (she catches me when I try to sandbag, and doesn’t like it!) and she cheerily gave me a high five after the game. She picked Pete’s Dragon as her movie, and was silent and attentive for nearly the entire ride.

Kaycee drove the whole way. Yeah… the entire way. What can I say – she’s superwoman. She also likes driving, which helps. I don’t, which doesn’t.

I acted as pit crew, child wrangler, and general overall support in between bouts of sleeping and re-reading Harry Potter. All-in-all I have a cushy job and I know it.

Other Details
Where we ate today: Cracker Barrel in WV (great as ever), Fazoli’s in KY (decent Italian fast food),  Chili’s in IN (good, but gave me the wrong fish dish!)
How far we’ve gone: 730 miles
How far to go: ~250 miles to Whitewater, WI.
Times Gavin has spit up on us today:  2 (1 Kaycee, 1 Louie)

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