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31 Mar

Shealyn’s Pump

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It’s going to completely change how well we can manage Shealyn’s blood glucose levels.
It comes with in-home or at-work personal training for family members, teachers, and other care givers.
It costs as much as five 32″ LCD HDTVs OR two top-of-the-line stainless steel professional quality refrigerators OR a nice used car. (Thank God for insurance.)
It fits in the palm of my hand…
Shealyn’s Insulin Pump
(click for larger picture)

It’s Shealyn’s insulin pump!

After having representatives from two companies come to our home and give us demonstrations, we decided on the CozMore System from Smiths Medical on Monday, and received a pump and supplies on Friday. How’s that for quick?

Almost all pumps do the same things, and there are very few differences between them. Among the differences between this pump and others, we like the fact that this one comes with a glucometer which attaches to the back of it and inputs measurements via an infrared connection between it and the unit (the same infrared connection that we’d use to communicate between the pump and a home computer). There’s one less chance of making a mistake. When we do a blood test, results are automatically beamed to the pump.

You guys heard right about training! A major part of our decision to get a pump was to make things easier on family and other caregivers. You’ll still need to know how to draw insulin and give injections in case of an emergency, but the pump means that – under normal circumstances – Shealyn will be receiving a base rate of insulin automatically and you’ll have an easy way to very accurately give her what she needs for meals. Smiths Medical will send a person to you so you can receive training and gain confidence in using the system.

I’ll cut this short since Kaycee has told me she’s following up with a more detailed overview of what we’ve received. We’re VERY EXCITED though! This is going to be a wonderful tool for keeping Shealyn’s diabetes under control!

27 Mar

Spit it out girl…

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We have always been amused by how much you can see and hear Shealyn’s thought pattern while she speaks. It’s not as if she is stuttering, but she decides what she wants to say while in mid-sentence and just fumbles around until she lines up all her thoughts. Then she suddenly just spits it out clear as day.

Last night was the most amusing example of it since she first started speaking…
Background info- A friend of ours, Cynthia, threw a baby shower for us this past weekend. The four of us were at the dinner table last night and Louie and I were talking about how nice it had all gone. I then shared an amusing story with Louie that Cynthia had told me about. Shealyn tried to get in on the conversation….

“Ummm Mama? What did- What did cyn- (pause…..) What did cyndi- Ummm did Cynthi- (another pause…) What did Cynthia- WHAT did Cynthia- (yet another pause…) Ummm- WHO is Cynthia!?”

Louie and I just erupted in laughter! She was struggling and struggling over how to say her name and ask what is was Cynthia had done. However, then she must have realized that she didn’t even know who Cynthia was so the point of communication was altered. It was not how we were expecting the sentence to end. Shealyn burst out with a “It’s NOT funny!!” of course. It didn’t have the desired effect though as it simply made us laugh harder.

27 Mar

Stressful Non-Stress tests

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Why oh why do they call this procedure a ‘non-stress test’? Lol…

You lay on the table while they wrap two big belts around your stomach. One is to monitor for contractions and the other is to record the baby’s heartbeat. They then hand you a little button doodad and you suddenly feel as if you’re on “Jeporady” or something. Now… push the button each time you feel the baby move. Then they walk out and leave you alone for the next 30 minutes.

So what happens? You lay there perfectly still trying to determine every little baby movement while the sound of your baby’s heartbeat is pumped out at loud volume for anyone walking by to hear. Wait.. his heartbeat picked up but I didn’t feel him move. Why the increase? What was that?! He just dropped from 160 to 120 in a few seconds time. Is something wrong?!

Time crawls by and the the OB walks in to rescue you and unplug you from the machine. “Baby looks great!” he simply says with a smile. “Hmmm… are you feeling those contractions?” What? I’m having contractions already? I thought I was just uncomfortable because of his movements. Turns out, he’s moving in reaction to my uterus contracting. Well gee, that explains it I guess. Lol

One good thing has come from my appts twice a week now. We discovered he has at least turned around. Yahoo!! Now he just needs to stay that way! I want to avoid a C-section delivery if at all possible. However, not only has he turned, but he has already started to drop. I have seven weeks to go! At one appt, they found his heartbeat way up by my lower ribs. Just three days later, it was located just above my pubic bone. Umm hello? He doesn’t need to burrow down any further than that, thank you very much!

I go every Monday and Thursday for the non-stress tests. I also go back to the specialist on Thursday, April 5th for another ultrasound to check on his growth rate. I still haven’t gained any weight, but my stomach is sure growing.

27 Mar

The sick house

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We haven’t updated the site much lately as we have been trying to take care of two sick kids. The girls had been struggling with runny noses, fevers, and a bad cough for a few days. They just couldn’t shake it as they have in the past so I took them to the Pediatrician last Thursday. Turns out they both have ear infections- Shealyn with a bad double ear and Kaitrinn in the early stages. They both started on antibiotics and showed improvement over the weekend.

I was able to send Kaitrinn back to school on Friday finally. She had missed the previous four days! Yesterday was a teacher workday so there was no school. What do I find this morning? Two grumpy kids and Kaitrinn with a fever of 101 again. Argh…. I give up! Send us get well thoughts and stay away from the sick house Lol…

27 Mar

The ball is rolling…

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Louie and I finally made a decision as to which insulin pump to get for Shealyn. We were bombarded with new terms and features as we researched the different models available. It is a whole new world for us. We have decided on the Cozmore system made by Deltec. The final straws were the fact that it has an attached glucose meter and the menu is much simpler… fewer steps to go through to get the desired action.

We made our decision this weekend.
I called the pump rep and Jean (our CDE – certified Diabetes educator) Monday morning to let them know our choice.
The pump rep called back late Monday morning to say all necessary forms had been filed already.
Then I get a call this morning from Deltec saying insurance has already approved it and the pump is shipping today.
It will be in our hands on Friday. Talk about service! I was expecting a drawn out process of faxes and hassles with insurance.

Now we just wait to find out when we can get into the clinic for the ‘pump start’ appts. I don’t know what kind of timeline to expect, but we’re hoping to have Shealyn on the pump for at least a few weeks before her baby brother arrives.

20 Mar

Testing Gallery2

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I’m testing gallery2 on my site as a potential addition to this one. So far it looks like a wonderful way to share pictures and allow people to get prints from their choice of a few different vendors (or print their own from the originals if they wish!). Follow this link to check it out.

Added by Kaycee on 3/27- Don’t panic at the sight of a newborn in those sample photos. Please take note of the “Photos from January 2001” in the upper left before you assume I already gave birth to our third child. I’ve had more than one person email me about it and their big double take. Lol

8 Mar

School Days

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Yahoo! So did you all hear the big ‘Yes!’ I yelled from the mailbox a bit ago? The track assignment letter finally arrived from Kaitrinn’s school. Her school is switching to the year-round schedule for the coming year.

Basically, the students go for 9 weeks and then get 3 weeks off. We had our fingers crossed in hopes of Track 1 and that is what we were assigned. She will basically get September, December, and March (as well as June for summer) off each year as long as we stay with this school. She starts school July 9th.

It was just nice to get something that went our way lately! Lol… The calendar can be viewed here.

6 Mar

30 weeks and counting…

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I had my 30 week OB check-up this morning as well as another ultrasound to check on baby’s growth. Everything went well but I learned two surprising facts…
1) He is completely and totally breech at the moment. Why am I not surprised (considering both of his sisters were as well just before birth)??
2) He apparently has huge feet! Lol… I saw one flash by and actually had to ask if that was a foot I saw. The Dr. just laughed and said ‘At least there is a matching pair!’ as he found the other big foot as well. All those newborn sleepers with built-in feet shall be interesting! Lol… I’m hoping it was just altered because of the angle of the u/s scan or something. His foot seemed to be almost as long as his thigh bone.

I go back on March 19th for another check-up and the first non-stress test. I will then have to go in twice a week for another non-stress test for the rest of the pregnancy. I’m sure that will get old really quickly, but I’ll do whatever is needed. They want to keep us in close check due to the blood pressure and problems that could arise. I’m going to attempt to attach a photo here from the ultrasound. It’s a profile shot of his face. He was very peaceful and you could see his chin quivering as he sucked his lower lip.

30 wk profile

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