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25 Apr

Gavin Portrait

By Louie, 7 Comments »

We’ve heard that a bunch of folks out there are waiting to see Gavin’s face a little better. Here he is – still in the warmer just after being born! (EDIT: Added another of him awake, alert, and looking right at you!) More pictures and stories to come after we get home and settled. 🙂

Gavin - Close Up

Gavin - Looking at you!

23 Apr

Gavin Connor Hannen

By Louie, 5 Comments »

Here’s your first post, little guy. Born at 3:07pm. 8lbs 8oz. 20 and a half inches.

Gavin and Family

20 Apr

Old habit…

By Kaycee, 1 Comment »

Shealyn has adjusted very well to wearing her insulin pump and her glucose readings have been pretty stable. We got two fabric belt pouches for her to wear. It makes it much easier than sliding it into her pocket… especially since most of her clothing doesn’t even HAVE pockets. Lol… This way, the pump stays in her pouch at her waist and doesn’t get in the way as she potties or gets dressed. She reminds me of a little sumo wrestler though when she runs away stark naked with only a belt around her waist. Lol…

We now go 3 days btw infusion site changes and it seems to be working at the moment. We may have to go back to two days when the summer heat starts, but I’ll stick with 3 as long as it’s working. She shows off her pump to anyone who will listen and goes through her explanation of, “This is my pump and it gives me medicininin in here (points to tubing). It goes down here and right into my BUTT!” Heh.. for some reason she thinks it’s hilarious that it’s attached to her hip/bottom. Back in the days of her insulin shots, she wouldn’t let us go anywhere near that area.

20 Apr

Still kicking

By Kaycee, No Comments »

Sorry we haven’t updated the site lately…. I’ve been busy with trying to get ready for Baby Gavin’s arrival and the days have rushed by. I had some complications over a week ago when the boy tried to turn transverse (yes, totally sideways!) on me and caused sharp pains on one side, while leaving my other side numb. Hmm… sharp pains and not feeling baby move? That immediately calls for a trip to the hospital for monitoring according to my OB. After monitoring, he got a good bill of health and I was sent home.

On Monday, an internal exam revealed that I was already 3 cm dilated. It’s a nice head start! =) He had turned back to head down and already dropped into my pelvis. The OB thwapped him right on the head when he checked. Lol… Gavin didn’t appreciate it and tried to scurry away. There’s nowhere to hide buddy! Yesterday’s non-stress test showed about 5 contractions in the 20 minutes I was monitored, but then they eased off as they often do.

If I don’t go into labor on my own over the weekend, the OB will do another exam and strip the membranes on Monday. It’s basically just a jump start to help me out and should send me into labor. Kaitrinn is very excited that Gavin should be here within the next five days.

5 Apr


By Louie, 1 Comment »

Woohoo! I’ve changed an infusion set!

Today was Shealyn’s first change after the one at the hospital. Since Kaycee had done the initial one she stood by for support as I did everything. Other than a little initial confusion about priming the set, it went perfectly!

I would think that having a needle push a tiny tube into the right side of her butt would be the worst part. NOOOO… that’s nothing to Shealyn. The only thing she hates is being held still while daddy carefully does what he’s read so much about for the first time. She didn’t even notice the poke (thank you, modern needles).

I’ll take doing this every two days ANY TIME over the injections. Not to mention there’s a world of difference between the two control-wise. Shealyn’s numbers right now are so much better than we could have ever gotten before.

4 Apr


By Kaycee, 3 Comments »

Louie posted the other day about receiving Shealyn’s pump. We spent the weekend pouring over the 222 page manual that comes with it. Yes, 222 full-sized 8.5×11 pages…. and that IS all the English parts. None of that foreign language filler in there…

I had an appt with her CDE at Duke yesterday and I was expecting to have Shealyn put on a Saline Trial. Most offices require you to do a week or so as a practice run on the pump before going ‘live’ with insulin. After seeing that I had already programmed most of the pump and customized the settings, her CDE (Jean) commented on how we were so prepared. After hearing the few questions and concepts Louie and I had discussed, Jean threw the saline aside and let us go live. YAHOOOOOOOOO!! She said I was one of the most prepared, educated, and confident parents she has dealt with in a long time. Apparently, some families arrive and haven’t even opened their box yet! I just can’t imagine that!! Your child’s LIFE depends on the proper use and understanding of this pump. How can you NOT do your homework?! It’s just a concept Louie and I don’t get… Lol….

After I placed her infusion set and hooked her up, I panicked and remembered she still had Lantus (24 hr baseline insulin) in her system from the previous night. Jean calmly said that was the next step and showed me how to program the pump to delay infusing any basal units until 8 p.m. when the current Lantus would be gone. I called Louie a few minutes later to share the good news about how Shealyn had handled the infusion placement well AND we were on insulin already. What was his immediate response? “What about the Lantus from last night??” I laughed and shared with Jean, who just shook her head chuckling and muttered again about how she wasn’t going to worry about us at all.

We had a little slumber party last night and Shealyn slept on a mattress on the floor of our room. I had to flip her over a few times to get her off the pump and checked her glucose about every 2 hours or so. We wanted her close in case there was a blockage or some other reason for an alert. I’m not sure we would hear it over the monitor or not, so Louie and I were both more comfortable with having her near. Her overnight numbers were the best they have been since she was diagnosed almost two months ago. We have already seen great improvement in the control and are looking forward to fine tuning it even more over the next month or so. She seems to have adapted well and we’re off to a great start! I’ll post a photo of her proudly wearing her pump soon.

4 Apr

Head of the class

By Kaycee, 2 Comments »

Louie and I recently went to a parent-teacher conference at Kaitrinn’s school. We knew she was advanced in several areas, but didn’t quite expect the results we were given. Lol! She’s actually reading at a 2nd grade level, but is currently rated at a level that puts her near the end of First Grade. She devours chapter books. She doesn’t like to ‘retell’ the story or explain the author’s message etc, so she will remain at a lower level until she is more comfortable with it. When asked, she explains that she gets nervous because the teacher is taking notes and writing down what she says. Oh Lord… is that all? Get over it and show what you know girl! =) When we explained that the faster she improves on that, the faster she will be given more challenging books, she was on board!

She is performing above grade level in Writing and Math as well. The teacher said she has no concerns- academically, socially, or emotionally. Sounds like a good report card to me! Kaitrinn is excited about heading into First Grade soon and we’re thankful her teacher continues to find ways to challenge her. Kaitrinn would be the type to cause problems as soon as ‘bored’ and we don’t want her to lose her love for learning.

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