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11 Oct

It’s Fat Baby!!

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Celebrate with us as Gavin is now officially “Fat Baby!” as we affectionately refer to him. Lol! I don’t know if I ever posted about his recent weight troubles here, but he was called ‘failure to thrive’ in late August. We discovered at his 4 mth check-up that he had only gained 8 oz. in two months time. I knew he was small, but that was ridiculous! It should have been more like three lbs. for his growth curve. Ummm… yeah… not good! After a month of varied schedules and basically just feeding him anytime he opened his mouth, he gained a whopping four lbs. It’s an odd balance of formula and breastfeeding, but if it works, who am I to complain? He is now over 5 mths old and weighs 14 lbs.- apparently still on the low side of the charts, but at least he is ON the charts now.

He has recently started on rice cereal and tried sweet potatoes the other day. Let the fun begin!

11 Oct

Damn Diabetes…

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Okay, so this Diabetes thing has totally infiltrated my way of thinking.  I went up to test Shealyn the other night.. as always.  When I put my hand on her hip to roll her over a bit so I could access her pump pouch, her PJ pants felt damp.  “Oh crap!  She must have had an accident.  Eek!  She’s probably high!”  I feel a bit more…. nope, false alarm! Wait, she feels sweaty instead.  “Oh crap!  She sweats a lot when dropping.  She must be low!”  I quickly tested her to find her BG at an ideal 162 (target is 140).  “Oh crap! I just took two weeks off my lifespan from worry in two opposite extremes in a thirty second timespan and she’s just warm from her blanket.”


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