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30 Jul

Where we’ve been…

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Okay, so we lost this site for a while and then finally got back online in the Spring.  Of course, I was out of the habit of posting so just haven’t been back here in forever.  I don’t know if anyone out there still checks in, but I’m going to do my best to keep going.  I’ll consider it my therapy.  *laugh*  Perhaps I’ll just be talking to myself.  So be it!

We were on vacation in the Midwest for the majority of June.  Kaitrinn finished First grade and we were off!  We had a wonderful time (and no surgeries OR doctor visits this time!) visiting all the family and friends.  I’ll probably put a few pics up in other posts soon.  Kaitrinn started second grade in early July (gotta love year-round schools!) and is settling in well to the new challenges.  Shealyn is as fiesty as always and quite the little Princess.  She is always dressed in full princess attire.  Mr. Gavin (as we tend to refer to him) is now a toddler… full force!  He recently went for his 15 mth checkup.  Where has time gone??

I’m off later this morning to take Shealyn and Gavin to Duke.  It’s time for her 3 mth checkup with the Endo.  Thankfully, she adores Dr. Benjamin and is excited to go.  Oops… gotta run.  Mr. Gavin has once again crawled under the bed and is afraid to work his way out.  Off to the rescue…

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