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5 Nov


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Today I woke up in a world where we stood up as a people and proclaimed that the American dream and our ideals are still alive. Obama is symbolic of that, but it’s us as a nation that have made this promise to ourselves. It’s up to all of us to keep it.
4 Nov

Voting Day

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Papa and I had to bring the kids to the polling place today.  A volunteer immediately led the girls over to the “Kids Vote” booth.   We did our thing and I went to retrieve the girls.  I immediately chuckled as I saw their ballots.

Kaitrinn voted for McCain, because “he looked like a President.. old!”

Shealyn voted for everyone… filled in all bubbles to be ‘fair’

I love how kids think…

okay back to CNN… I’m determined to wait it out and cheer for Obama before I crash for the evening.

1 Nov

Park Day Everyday?

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We go to a weekly park day with our local homsechool group.  Some weeks, it’s even twice.  Park day, if the weather is nice, means packing a picnic lunch and spending about four hours at the park.  I’m tempted to do this everyday as this was the scence in the van for the ride home.  Ahhh… peace and quiet.

All three....sound asleep

All three....sound asleep

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