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24 Dec

Our little pickle puss

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On our recent vacation, Louie discovered that Gavin likes dill pickles.  Hmm… perhaps I should say he LOVES dill pickles.

This was the scene the other night as I was trying to make dinner while he was scaling the front of our fridge.

24 Dec

Cookie Caper

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“Papa, I want to go look at the cookies,” said Shealyn.

“Okay, but do not eat any!” replied Papa.

Well, technically she didn’t EAT any cookies.  However, what she did do was take her finger and scoop out a chunk of chocolate from each cookie on the cooling tray.  Glad I had already set aside the batches I was making for church and a gathering with friends!

Cookie caperThe guilty party

16 Dec

A call for prayers

By Kaycee, 2 Comments »

For any of you who know me, that may seem like an odd request.   My heart is breaking today though as the world has lost a wonderful woman, Karin Faulkner.   She passed away yesterday after struggling with many complications and organ failure after a bout of pneumonia this week.   It was discovered in early September that she had Kidney cancer.  Now, just three short  months later, she is gone.  She was only 34 years old.

I’m asking for you to pray for the family she had to leave behind….

her wonderful husband, Steve

their son, Kevin (4), who absolutely adored his Mommy

their son, Kien (1), who just joined their family this summer

their daughter, Aria (1), who just came home from Vietnam and few short weeks ago

While I am thankful she is no longer suffering, I mourn her passing as she was a truly kind and generous woman.  She will be missed.

You can read her family’s story at

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