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11 Mar

Big Boy Bed

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With a couple of vacations coming up, we’ve been discussing which to tackle first with Gavin: Big boy bed, or toilet training. Choice number one… well… I already ruined the surprise in the title of this post.

So Gavin has been using a twin mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks. He’s been generally refusing to nap in the middle of the day, and happily dismantles his room instead. No biggie. We’ve gone through these things before.

Today was different. He got quiet after a while so Kaycee went up to check on him. There was an obstruction blocking his door! She opened it enough to look inside, and this is what she saw.



The obstruction.

The obstruction.

She had the presence of mind to stifle her laughter and reach her arm around the door for another picture. Considering she couldn’t see what she was taking a picture of, she did pretty well!


Oh the humanity.

Oh the humanity.

Yes, he is breathing. No, we’re not waking him up.

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