TRON Theme Released for Android Beautiful Widgets

18 Mar 2010 by Louie, 6 Comments »

I’m playing with Eclipse and Photoshop a lot lately, and just put together a Beautiful Widgets skin for Android phones. LevelUp Studio just released it today as a download within their Beautiful Widgets skin chooser.

The theme is based on TRON. It’s the clock in the screen shots below. It will go with a GDE home replacement skin I’m developing right now, some of which you can also see in these shots (wallpaper, some of the tool bar).

Anyone that has questions or comments about the theme, feel free to send me an email. I’ll be happy to tweak up different versions (within reason!).

TRON Theme - Large Clock WidgetTRON Theme - Small Clock Widget

TRON Theme (Landscape) - Large Clock Widget

TRON Theme (Landscape) - Small Clock Widget

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  1. danallennoll says:

    I love this theme! That font is ridiculous! Only thing I would love more is if you didn’t put the red background. Amy chance of a naked version?

  2. Louie says:

    Absolutely. I just sent TRON Naked into LevelUp this morning. It should appear in the skin chooser within the next couple days.

  3. danallennoll says:

    Amazing! Thank-you so much! Talk about a fast response. I went ahead and deleted the other skins because I will never need them again. Thanks !

  4. AndroidAutobot says:

    Absolutely love it. Best Beautiful Widget skin by far! =) Been rockin it for a couple months now. Question – now that Beautiful Widgets supports whether skins… are you planning on making a tron-themed whether skin to match this? I’d be totally stoked if you are. If you could shoot me an e mail ( ) in response that’d be great (sorry… I’d probably space out and miss your response if it was just on here). Thanks! =)

  5. gertznezz says:

    I really like the naked version of the theme, thanks so much for it! I was wondering if you could perhaps do one with a Red glow to the numbers instead of Blue? I’ve tweaked something up myself as I’m trying to learn how to use GIMP etc., but I figured you could do it way better than I could 😉 So, any chance?

  6. Ramon Prock says:

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