12 Feb


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Though we may also use it to share other things, the main purpose of this site is to share information with friends and family about our daughter Shealyn, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on February 9th, 2007. She’s handling things wonderfully (even better than Kaycee and I!) and continues to amaze us with her patience and ability to accept plenty of unwelcome additions to her daily routine.

I’m considering a way to easily track Shealyn’s glucose levels here along with sharing/updating information on her daily regimen. Paper versions of things always get outdated, so the web makes a wonderful place to keep things current. What I create may come in the form of a WordPress plugin which is something other people could use for the same purposes if they find it helpful.

All of this is just beginning. I appreciate you all bearing with us as we work through it!

Thanks and love,

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